Wednesday, December 5, 2007

So, last night was the Victoria's Secret fashion show and I must say it was very disappointing. Most of it focused on the performers; Seal and The Spice Girls, both performances were pretty awful including the worst aspect of it all: a duet between Hedi Klum and Seal. I couldn't help but think models are supposed to be pretty...period. Hedi was a little eccentric running around and focusing less on her walk and more on getting the auidence excited. The clothes as usual were gorgeous with every section of the runway show including the signature wings. My favorite part of the show was the Dali and Manray part...when they designed clothes based upon the abstract and surreliest artsists. It was different and interesting and a nice way for VS to show appreciation to a similiar kind of visual art. This part alone made the show worth watching with it's black and white swirled 70s background and of course again the signature purple sparkling runway. They had nice bios of all the girls, most who seemed very down to earth and made you appreciate their beauty even more. Overall, the show had it's good and bad points and I feel as though it would have been much better if the perfomers were ignored condsidering they were a big disappointment anyways. If you missed the show unfortunately you won't be able to see it again because it was aired on CBS who hates reruns. Guess you'll have to wait till next year.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Bitter Blogger

I now realize why I have never tried to write a blog before that has a theme; because it's nearly impossible. It's hard to come up with things off the top of your head and write them all creatively. Some people start blogs to just write down factual information and reiterate more information. For me; this is not really the idea of a blog. However, right now I am beginning to wish I did something along those lines because it is much easier. I could have done the history of a specific article of clothing however; even though still related to fashion it just isn't quite me. Maybe I am just selfish and am beginning to realize that I just like talking about myself however according to this class that is not merit enough for a blog and plus why would I want to write about things I know everyone in my class is going to read. About now, I feel bitter about the whole blog thing.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Keep warm and you'll stay healthy

It's winter time and for me that means tall boots and long wool sweaters. We live in New England people so, it's time to put away the flip flops and mini skirts (while cute) they are not practical. So why is it that people will have walking pneumonia and the flu yet they refuse to take off their flip flops and tank tops which probably caused the problem in the first place. It makes me pretty sick to see these girls wearing barely nothing and breathing all their sick germs all over me while we sit across from each other during class. But we can't just blame it on the stupidity of girls. We have to place most of the blame on fashion. The fashion empires of the world are in Paris, France; Milan, Italy; and everywhere else besides right here in New England. Therefore, most of the world can get away with sweater dresses, a pair of tights, and Ugg boots which I saw my best friend wearing this weekend as she told me she had a fever of 103.5. But, we here in New England need more than a pair of tights to keep us warm and away from the infections land of disease that is college life. So girls, throw on a pair of jeans over your tights, and sweater dresses look cute with pants, and while Ugg boots are cute wear some socks with them. Keep warm and stay healthy!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Martial Arts Club in America: It's Like Training with Bruce Lee

Martial Arts Club teaches FSC students an art form they can become passionate about, like the club leader.

Kicking and punching through the air Eliot Prisby begins preparing for his Tuesday night karate class. Eliot knows that preparation and dedication are the most important things in karate, especially when you are starting the Fitchburg State College Martial Arts Club. “The club already existed at Fitchburg State College but it had been inactive, so I restarted it in the fall of 2004,” says Eliot. Eliot wanted to restart the club. “Martial arts was a very large part of my life before I came to college and I wanted to be able to continue doing martial arts while in school. I also have made it a goal of mine to help people, like my martial arts teachers helped me.”
The yelling from the martial arts classes echos off Thompson Hall in the Hammond Building, where the classes are held. Eliot was president of the martial arts club for three years and decided to resign this year. “I want the club to keep going after the older officers and I graduate”. Plus, being President of such a club is a lot of work. According to the Martial Arts Club website the President must, “mediate meetings, schedule classes and events, and make sure that all rules are being followed.” Also, if you are such a President as Eliot was, you create and maintain the website which is exactly what he did. Eliot was able to cross over something that he loves, martial arts, with something he is studying, communications media.
Eliot loves karate, which is why it is the theme of his live journal blog and why it will be hard for him to leave it for an internship this year. “I will miss the wonderful community of people in the club who helped make it what it is today”. Eliot also said that he would miss teaching but that it was something he definitely planned on doing in the future along with opening his own studio. But for now, Eliot will continue on with his Tuesday night class preparing his students for his Thursday night class and smiling, sweating, and yelling the whole way through.

Monday, October 22, 2007


I love that I absolutely typed out the longest entry and then there was an error and I couldn't post it. I will post my mobile journalism piece later today, I didn't realize we were going to need it because no one ever said anything. Oh well, I have never liked blogs in the first place because it becomes a place just for people to bitch, moan, and complain. I could go on and on about how stressed out I am, how basically miserable I am with life right now. But first, I was raised not to be this kind of person. My fathers philosophy is "Only the strong survive" and in that sense you are strong only when you don't let people see you when you are weak and vulnerable. Therefore, I'll make it though this semster which is quickly becoming my worst one yet and my least fashionable. To sum it all up: WHATEVER
I have already come to that point in the semester where I am sick of everything and everyone. Usually, it comes a little later. My brain is too full of thinking about my portfolio defense, the fact that my roomate is crazy, and all my other classes to even think of something to write in here besides the fact that I don't want think about anything at all. That I just want the semester to be over.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Unfashionable Hug

I recently realized that when I get stressed out the first thing to go is my apperance. All weekend long all I have lived in is the same pair of jeans and rotated through a couple of my favorite sweatshirts. The jeans and sweatshirts are all comforting to me, along with the beat up sneakers I just can't seem to take off my feet. I guess that's why I love fashion so much, even when I don't look fashionable. Because sometimes our favorite clothes can be that nice, snug, warm hug that we can't get from anyone but, at least feels achievable with a couple of clothes that remind us of better days.